Who is
Marten Kantus?
Marten Kantus was born in Western Germany in 1967. He started making music at the age of 13, playing drums in several teenage rock bands. Later, he learned to play guitar and keyboards. In 1984, at the age of seventeen, he founded his first home studio, based on a system of two simple tape machines. Five years later, his studio enabled him to record professionally. MARTEN KANTUS then turned from progressive and electronic rock music to more fashionable pop styles. This proved to be a fatal error, as he lost all his inspiration and musical intelligence by designing entertainment without any necessity. An artistic crisis and lenghty interruption of his creative output resulted. Gladly after eight years of searching, he found his way back.  In late 2002, after moving to Berlin, MARTEN KANTUS discovered new inspirations and began to compose again. In 2003 he created ECHOLOGY, followed by INSOMNIA (2004), CELLULOID (2005), MALE (2006), CATWALK (2007), STRATIFY (2007), PULMONAIRE (2008), AIRFRAME (2009), ROTORHEAD (2011), NIMBUS (2011), ELEVATOR (2012), APOSTLE (2013), NECESSARY MUSIC (2014) and the latest, classical work: REQUIEM (2015).
The Multiinstrumentalist
Marten is a real multiinstrumentalist. Hes addicted to learning and exercise from childhood on, every day he does his training on at least two different instruments. Marten plays:
grand piano and several other keyboards
acoustic an electric guitars and bass
celtic harp, mandolin, ukulele
violin, viola and violoncello
clarinet, soprano and alto sax, flute, recorder
harmonica, accordeon
xylophon, vibes and glockenspiel
percussion and drums
Of course, Marten does the recording and production of his music by himself.